Strawberry Chocolate
Feb. 6, 2019
Egg Tart
Sep 23, 2017
蛋挞少女 ~_~
Matcha Mousse
Sep 23, 2017
Huwahuwa li Huwahuwa Lu ~_~
Mango Mousse
July 4, 2017
Mousse is much easier than cakes.
I used butter + cookies as base. Mango + cream + Gelatine makes the mousse. Mango slices makes the flower.
The quantity of gelatine is hard to control because I only got gelatine powder rather than gelatine slices. And the gelatine is lemon flavor....
Luckily, the lemon flavor is hidden under the smell of mango. And the mousse tastes good~
Strawberry Chiffon Cake
June 25, 2017
This is a 5-layer cake with 3 cake layers and two fruit layers. Strawberry, banana and kiwi are inside!
I decorated the top with heart-shaped strawberry and chip of butter cookies from Japan.

Strawberry Light Cheesecake
June 10, 2017
The bake of cake took around 2 hours and the decoration took 2 more hours! The decoration is ART!
I also made the badge of SJTU on the cake ~~lol~~

Strawberry SnowMan Chiffon 
Mar, 2017
The birthday gift for Shang, together with Hua.

Matcha  Crepe Cake
Dec, 2016
Merry Christmas/ Together with Hua.

Apr. 7, 2019
Dirty Pastry Bun
Apr. 11, 2020
Happy Easter
The first quarter of 2020 is filled with unlucky memories. Hope for a resurrection
Apr. 18, 2020

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